We are very excited to announce that we have 3 new releases available now for preorders.

Darto “Fundamental Slime”
Evan Jewett “Don’t Feel to work”
Piles “Una Volta”

They will be all released in September 2018.

Still Available

Jitter Visions
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Cup is Tym Wojcik, a Polish-American drummer living in Queens, NY and originally from Houston, TX. Only five months after the release of ‘Hiccup‘, psych-punker Cup is back. With ‘Jitter Visions‘, his eighth release, he takes you to a place that’s simultaneously new and familiar — in the way that you might feel you’ve been here before, but can’t be sure…

Nicholas Merz
The Limits of Men
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After six albums with the seattle band Darto, Nicholas Merzhas made his first solo album titled The Limits of Men. It’s based on ideas he’s been thinking about since his teens…

Philippe Petit & Friends
On Top…
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On Top” is the fifth Philippe Petit & Friends LP, it was originally thought to become the third part in a trilogy originated by Strings Of Consciousness. When the SOC collective broke up Philippe kept inviting his friends, musicians and singers…