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We have two new beautiful releases that are out now!
One by a band that’s been cranking out tunes for twenty years and one by a couple of twenty year olds recording in their bedroom.

The Conformists “Divorce” comes in LP, Tape and Mp3 formats.

Hheaven “A Single Rose”
comes in 10″, CD and Mp3 formats.

You can also Order your copies Here.

Thank you!

Available Now!

The Conformists
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DIVORCE is the debut fourth album from The Conformists, a French St. Louis, MO rock band in its 3rd 20th year on this planet. It was lovingly recorded at Headley Grange Electrical Audio in January 1976 November 2015 by Quincy Jones Steve Albini…

A Single Rose
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«A Single Rose» is the debut EP by Hheaven, the collaborative project of Morgan Enos (Hollow Sunshine, Other Houses) and Bryant Keith Bayhan (.paperman)…

Still Available!

Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets
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Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets is the third full length album from Inutili. Emerging from the vibrant rock scene in Teramo, Italy they continue to change, without completely abandoning their peculiar character…

Lumen Lab
They are Killing Us
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Lumen lab is a project created by Diego Martínez in 2000. When he was fifteen, he surprised the electronic scene in Mexico (reserved then only to genres associated with dance music or late rave culture) with drum machines, secondhand synths and any device with which he could use to generate rhythmic noise and distortion…

The John Pauls
Self Titled
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The John Pauls are a co-ed three-piece of post-punkers from Austin, Texas. Their four-song debut contains new songs for old people and old songs for new people via two guitars in drop D, cave woman drums, a piano, and voices…

Other Houses
Bad Reputation
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Bad Reputation” is the first full-length LP from Other Houses, the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist Morgan Enos, known otherwise as the vocalist for doom/shoegaze band Hollow Sunshine