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o Hey everybody. o Today, we’re happy to announce 2 releases for october 9th 2015. o Filiamotsa new album “Like It Is” is a mix of rock and noise with a psychedelic spirit featuring the legendary singer of dutch band The Ex “GW Sok”. o Zulus “II” is a gruesome mix of noise, punk and ambient elements produced by Ben Greenberg (Python Patrol Recording, The Men). o Both Recordings will be out digitally and physically on CD & LP on October 9th 2015 and are available now for Pre Orders! (Items will be shipped on Release Date) o  I’m also  interested in getting a  mailing list going, so if you want to sign up for that please CLICK HERE and you’ll be added to the list. o Aagoo is on Facebook o Aagoo is on Twitter o [All Data on this website has been uploaded via Satellite].

Available for Pre Orders!

Like It Is
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After eight years exchanging with fellow musicians in various forms, Filiamotsa recorded his next album : “Like it is“. This new album, which keeps their rock, noise and psychedelic spirit, is a collection of English songs. This time, the legendary singer of dutch band The Ex (Touch & Go Records) : GW Sok deploys its melody…

Aagoo Records in New Jersey is thrilled to be releasing the sophomore album from ZULUS. The four members – Aleksander Prechtl, Daniel Martens, Jeremy Scott and Julian Bennett-Holmes – all come from a background in music dominated by a punk and hardcore aesthetic as former members of bands including Battleship, Necking, Teenage Nitewar, Rice, Prsms, Aa, Fiasco, the Homosexuals, and Wand

Earlier in 2015

Alku Toinen
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Padna is Nat Hawks, a 38 year old middle school English teacher living in Brooklyn. He records at home in his spare time, putting out sounds since 2001. His goal is to make sad music with all manner of tool…

Philippe Petit
Multicoloured Shadows
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Composed in 2014, celebrating 30 years of activism in music, Philippe came with another new approach, twisting into unexpected turns while developing some melodies… Building up a tension in his narratives where “Multicoloured Shadows” of Shoegaze dance with electro-acoustically-psyched-out atmospheres…

Prettiest Eyes
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Forming amongst the toxic sludge in Los Angeles sewers rises the city’s greatest new threat, the PRETTIEST EYES.
Their new album, LOOKS, is set to be released by Aagoo Records on February 19 (US) & March 9 2015 (Europe), on vinyl and digital formats…

Lourdes Rebels
Snuff Safari
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Lourdes Rebels are an electronic duo (Luigi Bonora and Rodolfo Villani) from Parma, Italy.
Their music is a mix of animal sounds, slags from the past, psychedelia and confused voices from beyond. They play distorted toy-keyboards, samplers, electric guitars, drum-machines and filtered microphones…

Deison & Mingle
Weak Life
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Assembled, recorded and mixed by Andrea Gastaldello and Deison at Tower Home Studio and 1st Floor Studio, Italy between march and july 2014, Weak Life carries on the perfect union of Deison and Mingle‘s sounds: drones, field recordings and processed loops onto which disturbed rhythms, distorted beats and electronic treatments are inserted.
As always these are dirty electronics which are extremely evocative, to which we have become accustomed…