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Aagoo Records is pleased to release of the new album by Cup.

Cup is Tym Wojcik ,
his sound is  jaw clenching and and might make you moan or grunt.

You can order Hiccup HERE in CD, LP and Mp3 formats.

Still Available

Human Giving
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Despite all of its catchy qualities, Human Giving by Darto is a difficult album to pin down. The lyrical phrasing, and melodies have been stuck in my head for months. The mood is set immediately from the first note of “GDLS”, enveloping the space around the listener…

Split 7″
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Recorded and written by Darto and Wand at Comp-ny on April 29, 2017. Engineered and recorded by Be Hussey. Mixed by Cory. Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA…

Lourdes Rebels
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Lourdes Rebels are a duo from Parma, in the north of Italy. They play toy-keyboards, samplers, electric and bass guitars, drum-machines and filtered microphones…

Split 10″
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Aagoo records from New Jersey USA and In The Shit Records (self described as “Italian shit label for creepy psych music”) team up to bring you a killer split 10”…