o We here at Aagoo at super pleased to bring you Music for Granular Synthesizer, it’s a new triple-cassette EP from connect_icut, the Canadian electronic music artist responsible for Crow & Kittiwakes Wheel and Come Again (2013), Small Town by the Sea (2014) and Rage Coma (2017). While those albums were mostly created using computer software, this new EP is essentially a test recording for a new all-hardware set-up. It sounds incredible, it looks incredible and is limited to 77 copies.

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Cup is Tym Wojcik’s reaction to a lifetime of being forced to play rhythm guitar parts. A combination of power chords, repeated endlessly, while Tym’s brother smashed on his Boss Metal Zone and did his best Cobain meets Slash impression, or a series of oddly shaped jazz chords, played at a rhythm that was never perfectly right for his dad to solo over…

Human Giving
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Despite all of its catchy qualities, Human Giving by Darto is a difficult album to pin down. The lyrical phrasing, and melodies have been stuck in my head for months. The mood is set immediately from the first note of “GDLS”, enveloping the space around the listener…

Split 7″
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Recorded and written by Darto and Wand at Comp-ny on April 29, 2017. Engineered and recorded by Be Hussey. Mixed by Cory. Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA…

Lourdes Rebels
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Lourdes Rebels are a duo from Parma, in the north of Italy. They play toy-keyboards, samplers, electric and bass guitars, drum-machines and filtered microphones…