Like It Is

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After eight years exchanging with fellow musicians in various forms : quintet (Filiamotsa Soufflant Rhodes : Véronique Mougin, keyboards; Antoine Arlot, saxophones ; Essawabi Youssef, trombone), trio (Philippe Orivel : violin and keyboards), the french rock duo Drums/Violin Filiamotsa recorded his next album : “Like it is“, brings together all these musicians.

This new album, which keeps their rock, noise and psychedelic spirit, is a collection of English songs. This time, the legendary singer of dutch band The Ex (Touch & Go Records) : GW Sok deploys its melody.

The guitarist Olivier Mellano also brings his personal touch giving this disc a singular and sometimes orchestral dimension.

A Press

They bring a totally overwhelming mix of noise, again with all kinds of experimentation and psychedelic elements.” – Subjectivisten

These tracks are hard, dense, and intense. And the vocals are particularly focused and personalized. Guitars, violins, keyboards, and horns sometimes combine to create a whirlwind classical effect.” – babysue

A great record, with which one can see the new opportunities of the post-punk.” – Kathodik

Filiamotsa demonstrates here that all emotions are within range. It thus leaves the listener with the hope of infinite pleasure” – Mowno

The dark atmospheres created by the violins begin to caress the soul and distort the sounds and sound battle begins” – A découvrir absolument

A disc essentially flawless and very inspired: clear ideas and materialized impeccably, for a return to applause. possibility” – Music Map

the voice of GW Sok (The Ex) is ablaze with a crazy class of angular rock of “Like it Is” – Benzine Magazine

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Formats : CD/LP/mp3
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Barcode CD : 0741360444867
Barcode LP : 741360444898
Release Date : October 9 2015

1. The Little Shop
2. Madsummer Midness
3. The Bus is Late Again
4. Sleepy Tigers
5. Blab/Blub
6. Maybe
7. Song

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