Lourdes Rebels
Snuff Safari

A Description

Lourdes Rebels are an electronic duo (Luigi Bonora and Rodolfo Villani) from Parma, Italy.
Their music is a mix of animal sounds, slags from the past, psychedelia and confused voices from beyond. They play distorted toy-keyboards, samplers, electric guitars, drum-machines and filtered microphones.

They are proud to announce the coming of “Snuff Safari”, their first record on Aagoo Records.
The album has been conceived for the most part in Valencia (Spain). The artwork is a creation of Luigi Bonora. It represents a new direction, that brings the duo to different sound suggestions (animal roars, street hip hop, exotica and oriental scales).

A Artist Info

Rodolfo Villani : keyboards, electric guitar, drum machine, voice. Luigi Bonora : sampler, electric guitar, keyboards, bass, voice.

They started out in 2010 as the noise band Bonora. (Listen here: http://sfrecs.com/bonora01.php).

Then (under the monikers of Milkane and Fuck-hurya) they joined forces in a new electronic freak duo.

In 2012 they started to use the name Lourdes Rebels referring to their interest in Huysmans and Zola, the two French writers who analyzed the unique condition of this place. The vision of the film “Lourdes” by director Jessica Hausner served as a source of inspiration. The word “rebel” has two meanings. It’s an ironic answer to our friends Abraxas Rebels and 70’s motorcycle gangs in general. And it refers to the rebel condition of a believer in miracles in our liberal-capitalist societies.

They’ve recorded a first homemade demo on analog tape that contains 6 songs, yet unreleased.

Summer 2013 : Lourdes Rebels tour Spain (mostly Valencia).

A Metadata

Formats : LP/mp3
Catalog Number : 
Barcode : 73721245226
Release Date : February 9 2015

1. Pharaoh Excuses
2. Skate Mecca
3. Apuro Liquido
4. Snuff Safari
5. Jungle Ghost
6. Bovary
7. Netske

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LP : $12.00 + Shipping Costs
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iTunes : $9.99

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A Artwork

B Listen to Track 3