Lucky Dragons
Picture Disc

A Description

A David Horvitz Picture Disc with Lucky Dragons.
All proceeds benifit Showpaper.
Showpaper is a free bi-weekly print-only publication which lists and promotes every all-ages & DIY show in the NYC / tri-state area.

We spread the word about shows that would otherwise slip under the radar, and about the all-ages scene in general.

Each issue also features a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist.
This is also disc 5 in the David Horvitz Picture Disc Club.

A Metadata

Formats : 7”/Mp3
Catalog Number : AGO041
Barcode : 030955699806
Release Date : February 1 2012

Side A: 1. Music for no Reason
Side B: 1. More Melody
2. No Reason

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7″ : $10.00 + Shipping costs
iTunes : $2.97

Not eligible for UK or EU shipping.

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Lucky Dragons
Picture Disc
Side A

Lucky Dragons
Picture Disc
Side B