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Following the dissolution of his band Na, Kaz Nomura decided to refine his
focus: constricting his work from genre-less abandon to more traditional
song structures.
The result is PWRFL Power : an unconventional marriage of
melodically rich, Fahey-styled acoustic virtuosity and conversational,
knowingly naive lyrical abandon. With the most basic of building blocks,
Nomura forges a uniquely avant-informed brand of outsider folk music—one
that relies as much on impish mischief as it does on considered craft and

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Formats : CD/LP/mp3
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Barcode : No
Release Date : June 1 2008

1. It’s Okay
2. Heaven, Dog, And Rainbow
3. My Bird Is Dead
4. Let Me Teach You How To Hold Chopsticks
5. Tomato Song
6. Cat Song
7. Soft Boy
8. Let’s Play Drums
9. Alma Song
10. Two Keys
11. Banana Song

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