The Black Point

A Description

The dense sonic fabric of The Black Point is one awash in a massive wall of unrelenting sound and intense blackened-atmosphere. Combining a dark electronic futurism, sheets of noise and the more tar-thickened elements of doom, it makes for a bleaker musical chapter for subduxtion.

At times tranquil and oppressive, The Black Point is a hazy recasting of differing styles.

Christopher Gilmore (subduxtion, FluiD), is an American composer and producer. He is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Christopher’s music shows the relationship between post-industrial, ambient, drone/doom metal, noise, psychedelics and electronics. He composes instrumental and experimental music that is murky, dark and heavy.

In addition to his many releases, Christopher has performed throughout North America and Central America, from concert halls to art galleries to dance clubs. He has been a featured performer at several music festivals including, ‘experi-MENTAL Festival‘ (Brooklyn, NY.), ‘Noise Shock: Abstract Art and Music Festival‘ (East Moline, IL.), ‘Under the Radar – experimental/industrial/electronic music exposition‘ (Kansas City, MO.) and ‘Spark: Festival of Electronic Music and Arts‘ (Minneapolis, MN.).

Collaboration is very much a part of Christopher’s artistic sensibility, having collaborated with a number of visual and music artists. Working with video artist Heejoo Kim on the video project ‘Paramnesia I‘, Christopher provided the sound-design and musical score. The video was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto, Canada).

In collaboration with Samantha Hill a trans-disciplinary artist from Chicago, IL. Christopher composed the soundtrack to ‘The Gift Project Chicago‘, an installation based on the photography of Patrick McCoy.

He provided the sound design for the interactive installation ‘Audiolfactory Creolization’ by Franco-American transdisciplinary artist, Gwenn-Ael Lynn – “Audiolfactory Creolization, combined sounds with smells to reveal the complexity of creolized identities in Chicago.

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Formats : CD/Tape/mp3
Catalog Number :
Barcode : 656554069439
Release Date : December 6 2019

1. The Ancients
2. Frail (Fixed Later)
3. Dimensions of a Post-Corporal World
4. Abstract Decaying
5. The Black Point
6. When Motive Becomes Elusive
7. Unseen

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