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Pess is a musical duo formed around Tokyo in 2019. This is their first release. Pess is composed of composers, arrangers and songwriters Mitsuomi and Haruka.

The album is titled “You can Make Hamburger Yourself“. It’s seven surprising rock songs, all of ’em awesome and super catchy. It goes by in a perfect flash.

Mitsuomi and Haruka met online when they discovered their mutual love for the band Citrus. Citrus is one of the bands in the flow of Shibuyakei, a 1990s subcultural movement in Japan.

began making this album in September 2019, but have met only once since then. Of course, this is partly due to the ongoing pandemic, but originally, they intended to work remotely.

Vocal recording was done at Haruka’s home, and all other instruments, chorus recording, mixing and mastering were done at Mitsuomi’s home.

Of the many demo songs made, they chose this material for this release.

They were influenced by new releases such as Sports Team, Pet Shimmers, Peel Dream Magazine, The Big Moon, Men I Trust, Frankie Cosmos, Pixx, Jackie Mendoza, Hatchie, Girlseeker, and Neo Acoustic since the 1980s, 60’s, 90’s rock, etc.

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Formats : CD/LP/Mp3
Catalog Number : 
Barcode CD : 703674045574
Barcode LP : 703674045567
Release Date :
November 26, 2021

1. You Can Make Hamburger Yourself
2. Dream Spin
3. Roller Coaster
4. Hieroglyph
5. Wind of June
6. Pixel
7. Throw It Away

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