Coco Soco Asoco

A Description

Jose Ayala (Mofongo) is a composer and improviser based in New York, NY. Jose is trained as a classical guitarist and studied composition with Joe Maneri and Lee Hyla. His current approach is primarily based around improvisations on modular synths.

The recordings in Coco Soco Asoco are a result of a daily practice where new configurations are setup and recorded each day. These patches are explored and tweaked and then several takes are recorded live to two track without overdubs or editing.

A Metadata

Format : Digital
Catalog Number : AGO144
Release Date : May 10 2024

1. Ola Mas Olas Mas Ola
2. Manglillo
3. Empanadilla Marina
4. Micro Limbers
5. El Robot Y Juan
6. Ehcorpiones
7. Por Los Canales Nos Vemos
8. Chiste Secreto
9. Magnavox
10. Pin Pin Y Los Filtros
11. Nudo Doble

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