Deison & Mingle
Weak Life

A Description

“…the road…”

Cristiano Deison: Electronics, Processing.
Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle): Electronics, Treatments.

Spring 2014: Cristiano Deison and Andrea Gastaldello (aka Mingle) continue the work which began with Everything Collapse[d] (Aagoo/Rev.Lab.) and the Ep Low Blood Pressure (Final Muzik), crossing the wastelands where everything has collapsed and is lost in oblivion, driven by a constant and lazy motion.
The idea is that of moving forwards skeptically, maybe meeting someone or something, maybe not. You do not know. The important thing is to stumble through the rubble, the tangles and fragments of broken ideas…listening carefully to the pulse of weak life.

Assembled, recorded and mixed by Andrea Gastaldello and Deison at Tower Home Studio and 1st Floor Studio, Italy between march and july 2014, Weak Life carries on the perfect union of Deison and Mingle‘s sounds: drones, field recordings and processed loops onto which disturbed rhythms, distorted beats and electronic treatments are inserted.
As always these are dirty electronics which are extremely evocative, to which we have become accustomed.

A Artists Info

Mingle is the name of Andrea Gastaldello’s electronic project, eclectic performer and composer, from the area surrounding Mantova, he choosed to live in Verona and from the fogs of this Italian plain comes the inspiration of his musical works: a melanchonic journey in the deep of the soul.
Minimalist music, sophisticated melodies and compelling rhythms to listen, see and think. Andrea has been composing music for documentary films for years.

Deison is involved in the experimental electronic area from more then 20 years (he played in Meathead during 90’s) and he approached the world of sounds doing his own tape collages with tape recorders, turntables and objects mainly in the field of experimental noise; he runs a small label (Loud!) and collaborates with artist like Lasse MarhaugKK NullTeho TeardoThurstone MooreScanner, etc…

Influenced by the experimental music, ambient minimal electronic as well as a great interest into digital music and sound design, he operates with loops, field recordings and drones to develop swirling electronic sounds of enormous range and complex musicality. Waves of looping deep ambient scapes, penetrated with sample fragments and light additional noise-ambient textures form Deison’s silent, minimal frame-set.

A Metadata

Formats : CD/mp3
Catalog Number : 
Barcode : 737212452258
Release Date : February 9 2015

1. Skeptic Move
2. Tangles
3. Osso Temporale
4. Unanimated
5. Lost Pieces
6. Bloody Feelings
7. Circle Of Red Drops
8. Hirn Seite
9. Perfect Huddle
10. Obliquity (Low)
11. Weak Life

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