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A Description

The audiovisual-collage project ‘Section 10_Traces by Filax Staël’ was founded in 2013 from the artistic collaboration between Filax Staël (the pseudoniem of artist/musician/graphic designer Bas Mantel) with old friend Okko Perekki. Their fascination with electronic sounds, field recording, musical and artistic experimentation and the desire for a creative and organic playground without preconceived and existing ideas set the creative process of the audiovisual project in motion with ‘Traces’ as the first official output.

The instrumental work could be seen as more of a departure as sound collages derived from found sounds, samples and studio recorded extracts, all compiled into new raw and layered compositions. Short tracks which are originally accompanied by graphic stop motion clips. The visual part is for this tangible release translated into a 52 paged book. Section_10; The book as a visual manual for the 24 tracks; wherein the flight map as a metaphore, directing the listener into a space where you are, is released to explore and experience the paths in a newly created (own) world of interconnected image and text fragments. How one stares at the physical and invisible environment, how do we process that? You will find no definitions or answers while reading and listening, but it gives an opportunity to experience it. Graphic designer and founder of London based design agency Tomato, Simon Taylor contributes to the project with the text ‘How do we read sound?

Traces: 24 tracks over a span of about 26 minutes, as an indication of the fleeting and elusive nature of the sound fragments that are contained in Bas Mantel’s cut and paste/remix graphic punk style. Chaos and distropy on the one hand, well ordered and thoughtful on the other.

Traces: Rhythmic synth pulses, sound recordings from instructional films from the 1950s, cut-up and re-pasted orchestral symphonies from the silent film era mixed with electronic noise and repetitive drum patterns, fragments of spoken words to twisted compositions from music boxes. Cut and pasted into new compositions, with the creative process of creating the sound fragments in a composition on the verge of disintegration in order to merge it into a unity. Intuitive puzzles with an ear for fragmenting, decaying and expanding as a whole.

Traces of … Everything, Somewhere, Elsewhere, Nowhere, Anywhere.

The album was mastered by Martijn Comes at Immovable Substance.

A Metadata

Formats : 10″ + Book/mp3
Catalog Number : AGO141/REV010
Barcode : 0744553349253
Release Date : March 22 2024

01: Ellipse
02: Spectra I
03: Cymbals
04: A < > B
05: Blue Dances
06: Hunted Beyond The Glory Of Light
07: The Distant Made Near
08: Isometric Crystal
09: Tube
10: Gradient I
11: 7:3
12: Song For Okko (Rune Song)
13: Urania
14: Between Gravity And Grace
15: The Day The Tide Truly Turned
16: Return -A-
17: Film 8
18: 1433 Operates
19: Edderkop
20: BMMF
21: Unsolared II
22: Camera 01
23: 176 Missing
24: 84 Lost

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B Watch the video for Traces 4, A Drift Through Time

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