Zemog, El Gallo Bueno
Cama De La Conga

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Zemog El Gallo Bueno’s CD, Cama de la Conga (The Bed of the Conga), anthropomorphizes the Latin drum, turning it on its head by putting it to bed.

People often think of hot Latin music”, jokes Gomez-Delgado, in his best Speedy Gonzales Latin stereotype voice. “I like the idea of a conga chilling out, having rest. The conga is one of the anchors of Latin music, but my music to some is backwards Latin music. So you have to see the other side of the conga. It has a life other than the nightclub. It needs to make love, be left alone, sleep and dream”.

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Abraham Gomez-Delgado is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and performance artist born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Bandleader Abraham Gomez-Delgado, of Peruvian descent, left his native Puerto Rico as a child and relocated to the US.
He leads the experimental Latin music group Zemog el Gallo Bueno as well as co-leads the avant-latin jazz big band Positive Catastrophe and has a Performance Art group under the name Eje.
Gomez-Delgado is also a vocalist in his own compositions as well as in composer saxophonist Fred Ho’s Green Monster Big Band. Currently he teaches Sound Art and production at Bloomfield College in New Jersey and is composing a Plena suite entitled Debrujo, Debrooho, debrewjo.
Recently he was awarded the New Jazz Works grant from Chamber Music America and the Doris Duke Foundation (2010). Abraham has been awarded a Meet The Composer MetLife Grant (2010) and the USArtists International AwardNational Endowment for the Arts grant (2010). Gomez-Delgado has his MFA with honors from Bard College and holds a BFA from Mass College of Art.

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Formats : CD
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Barcode : No
Release Date : May 11 2006

1. La Costilla
2. Assimilate Asimilar
3. Atawalpa
4. El Jardin Suspira
5. El Limon
6. Al Piso
7. Moda Mona
8. Maldita Cancion
9. 9/23/2005
10. Gordo Rojo

CD : Sold Out

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