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Aagoo Records in New Jersey is thrilled to be releasing the sophomore album from ZULUS. The four members – Aleksan- der Prechtl, Daniel Martens, Jeremy Scott and Julian Bennett-Holmes – all come from a background in music dominated by a punk and hardcore aesthetic as former members of bands including Battleship, Necking, Teenage Nitewar, Rice, Prsms, Aa, Fiasco, the Homosexuals, and Wand.

ZULUS was started as an attempt at a pop band by guys who have since proven clearly unable to write pop songs. The record, simply titled Zulus II, is loaded with nine brash and corrupted anthems all rolled up tight into a wiry ball of filth and whatever other debris it picked up along the way.
Tracks are loaded with heavy doses of textural energy, repetition and a neon spattering of noise, punk and ambient elements, giving new meaning to the descriptor “pop” while simultaneously capitalizing on their very own gruesome sound. You’re going to have to hear it to believe; just prepare yourself for a thoroughly reckless attack.

Zac Camagna

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primal, chaotic, vicious, noisy and ultimately seductive.” – Music In Belgium

Zulus II abandons any compromise.” – Rocklab

Zulus are low on quirk, wit or gimmick, preferring to stomp or slam through their primitive and noisy post-hardcore punk as though they were afforded no other option“ – Yellow Green Red

Zulus create dark atmosphere and capture the listener dragging him into a world of anxiety and fear.” – Music Map

All nine tracks erupt like lightning bolts. It is as if acid rock has been given a thunderous Neanderthal makeover.” – Penny Black Music

Overall an essential work” – Kathodik

Their songs are devilishly effective. This is a real war machine!” – Foutraque

Songs like “Medications,” “Screens,” “Deep into the River” and the awesome ‘Set Fire” will have you immediately reevaluating your life and that’s not such a bad thing, right?” – Dagger Zine

Seems to emanate from the black heart of a messy stage, completely covered, clouded by a haze of acrid smoke and rotten. Listening to II is like watching the last cry of a frenzied crowd about to be reunited with the Lord of Darkness. II is mental illness in its purest.” – Rockambula

more in common with the cave art of Lascaux than contemporary music!” – La Magic Box

An overwhelming and uncompromising sound somewhere between post-punk, hardcore, no wave and noise.” – Subjectivisten

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Formats : CD/LP/mp3
Catalog Number :
Barcode CD : 755918299175
Barcode LP :
Release Date : October 9 2015

1. Revolver III
2. Medications
3. White Virgin
4. Gemini
5. Set Fire
6. Chemicals
7. Deep into the River
8. Screens
9. The City’s Vein

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