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What it is, it isn't

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The new album “What it is, it isn’t” was written as a transitional piece from purely ambient and contemporary classical music to a more rhythmic and beat driven project. “I am a multi-instrumentalist and wanted to utilize my skills to its fullest potential. This included my drumming and more beat driven background. Drums were my first instrument and I wanted to emphasize that a lot of this record.” The album originally started in 2018 as songs for the follow up to “Vastness” but was put away for another time. After some tours, some releases and some time off Christopher decided to revisit the ideas and chose to finish the record in 2019. This album was created in a very transitional point in his life as well. “A lot of themes of the album revolve around death and rebirth, light and dark. A lot of contrasting points that make a whole. The album has been a big reflection piece really.

Christopher Sky started in 2009 as an outlet from his other project Let’s Drive to Alaska. Taking a more visceral take on some very personal themes. After the release of Cotton Dream Ep and Audio Memory, Christopher took some time off to focus on his other project. In 2018 Christopher returned with the Ep “By The Ocean” his first solo work in 7 years. The Ep featured brand new songs as well as remixes of “By the Ocean” which would be featured on the up and coming release “Vastness”.

The album “Vastness” was released on November 9th 2018 on Aagoo records and Hidden Shoal. The album saw great reviews and was toured through out Europe and the United States in 2018 and 2019. A special Ep was released on July 29th 2019 on Wishful Thinking Art and Recordings. A small cassette release was issued for the release. In October 2019 Christopher went on a west coast tour of the United States with award winning duo from Germany, CEEYS.

The album is a big departure from “Vastness”. It’s beat driven melodies and analog arpeggios paint the album with this warm “Analog Blanket”. most of the recordings we caught on a vintage Akai 1810D reel to reel Tape Machine. Taking notes from his predecessors The Album Leaf, Tycho and Mice Parade, Christopher creates a sound that is both driving and contemplative.

Songs link the single “CZ97” and “Knight of Cups” use samba like rhythms layered over beautiful synthesizers and Vibraphone parts to capture an image of and sound that could only be his own. Still keeping true to his Christopher Sky sound, songs like “Under the Waves” and “Travelers Theme” give the album moments for pause and reflection.

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Formats : CD/LP/MP3
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Barcode CD : 645239883392
Barcode LP : 645239883408
Release Date : March 6, 2020

1. Monochrome
2. From the Start
3. New Age
4. In a Hallway
5. CZ97
6. Under the Waves
7. Knight of Cups
8. Months Ago
9. Slowly
10. Travelers Theme

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