Luiz Felipe Ortega & Israel Martinez

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Triptych is a collaborative piece that combines the visual art of Luis Felipe Ortega and the musical compositions of Israel Martinez.
Luis and Israel wanted to create a platform for a dialogue between visual spaces and sounds, which provided the
basis for their first interdisciplinary endeavor, Solar (2009). As the piece progressed, new rules of assemblage and editing emerged, along with specific concepts central to their investigation: the sculpted character of the landscape, the translation of this into sound, and the necessary intervention
of silence.

A few months later, Luis Felipe finalized editing Macapule
(2009). Filmed in remote regions of Argentina, Luis sought to capture places strange to their time and space.
Soon after, Israel began to compose the sound, sometimes parallel to the video cuts, independent at others.

The piece is a discussion about the significance of the trip in the present, the relationship between traveler and tourist, and in the manner of Marc Augé—an accounting for what one or the other does. 

For their third and final piece, Xiriah (2010), sound became the point of departure—an extended note that finds variations in its pitch and frequencies.
The image is a flat sequence of 180 degrees, a horizon that intends to maintain itself out of focus until one recognizes an
old lighthouse at the edge of the sea. Zoom in, focus. End of sequence.

Triptych is normally presented in large format projections in museums or galleries. Presented here in a limited edition of 300 copies in conjunction with Aagoo Records, the idea is to bring these pieces to the format of the monitor, where the spectator can have a personal relationship with the works in
a domestic context.

A Artist Info

The work of Israel Martínez (Mexico 1979) has been developed in a wide range of proposals and media, aiming to generate a reflection of society through sound and music.

In the mid-nineties he began writing for underground fanzines in Mexico. Since then he has gone through various territories such as creating music at the intersection of electroacoustic, experimental music, field recording and spatiality. He has also made audio works without a musical purpose, video installations, site-specific projects, actions, interventions, graphic works through photography, typing, photocopying, and some other media. In 2007 he received the Award of Distinction of Prix Ars Electronica in the category of Digital Music.

In 2012 he was a guest of the prestigious Artist-in-Berlin Residence Program by DAADMartínez is also co-director of Mexican label Abolipop and its side-project Suplex. Labels such as Sub Rosa and Aagoo have released his music.

He has appeared in compilations around the world, including with British magazine The Wire.

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Format : DVD
Catalog Number : AGO026
Barcode : No
Release Date : February 8 2011

1. Solar
2. Macapule
3. Xirah

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Luiz Felipe Ortega & Israel Martinez

Luiz Felipe Ortega & Israel Martinez

Luiz Felipe Ortega & Israel Martinez

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