Other Houses
Fabulous Dates

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Fabulous Dates is the second full-length from Other Houses, aka Morgan Enos of Hollow Sunshine and Hheaven.

Affectionately referred to by its creator as “my punk album” , Dates is a hurled cherry bomb of glorious songwriting. Both extremes of Other Houses‘ mid-fi sound are taken deeper and further, with baroque harpsichords and strings a la « Sgt. Pepper’s » and « Smile » careening headlong into jagged noise.

It’s a beautiful mess, one which betrays the young, prolific Enos as a student of rock and roll and a songwriting force to be reckoned with.

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Formats : CD/LP/Mp3
Catalog Number : 
Barcode CD : 675595662638
Barcode LP : 675595662621
Release Date : 
November 18 2016

1. Pronounce Tarot
2. Fabulous Dates
3. I Feel Good
4. See Tangerine
5. Ferns Are Fine Forever
6. On a Vanity
7. Jar of Marbles
8. Quartz on the Table
9. No Part of it

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Other Houses
Fabulous Dates

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