Other Houses
Twins Who Fence

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After years of releasing multiple records per year, Morgan Enos took the longest break from recording and performing he’d ever taken since he first picked up a guitar as a teenager.

In that time, he relocated from Brooklyn to Queens, got married, bought a house, relocated again to New Jersey and wrote hundreds of articles as a music journalist in the meantime. Twins Who Fence, his new 7″ as Other Houses, contains four songs spanning this period in his life.

Titled after an unattainable fantasy of suburban prosperity, the album reflects the vertiginous feeling of unexpectedly joining the middle class. He wrote “Wind Chimes” from a memory of a punk-house show a decade ago. The title track is about the daily grind and grasping for unknowable future achievement. “Lower School” is about the education below true education. And “Invented Enemy” is about struggling with an obsessive, anxious nature.

Twins Who Fence also represents a new development in Enos’ craft: recording with computers. His past albums for Aagoo, like Bad Reputation and Fabulous Dates, were recorded on a small digital recorder powered by two AA batteries. Now, the future seems limitless for this journalist (who now works as a Staff Writer at The Recording Academy) who will never let go of his identity as a musician.

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Formats : 7″/Mp3
Catalog Number : 
Release Date : June 4, 2021

1. Wind Chimes
2. Twins Who Fence
3. Lower School
4. Invented Enemy

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