A Love Supreme

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Teramo, Italy’s Inutili, return with their fifth full-length album, “A Love Supreme.” It’s a departure from the band’s last albums. After a long lockdown, Inutili discovered the pure pleasure of playing music together. In their own words:

The album was made simply and naturally through free and psychedelic jam sessions in the band’s rehearsal room. A declaration of love for music, just a holy respect for music without schemes: A Love Supreme!

Line up
Alessandro Antinori
: bass, guitar
Pietro Calvarese: guitar, voice
Giancarlo Di Marco: guitar, bass
Lorenzo Mazzaufo: drums, percussion, voice

Special Guest: Francesco Gaspari (synthesizer, programming)

A Metadata

Formats : LP/mp3
Catalog Number : AGO138
Barcode : 809555088101
Release Date : November 3 2023

1. I’m On Plane
2. Queen Crimson
3. Walking On Your Lips
5. A Love Supreme

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LP : $20.00 + Shipping costs
Immediate Download : $6.99

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