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Aagoo records from New Jersey USA and In The Shit Records (self described as “Italian shit label for creepy psych music”) team up to bring you a killer split 10”.

We all need to be told to fuck off once in a while, some of more than others of course. HALLELUJAH! does just that in the first song on their side. “We Don’t play in a USA Band” is a ridiculously catchy number that makes me stomp around and sing along. From there the raw, unrelenting face blasting emerges – think of The Germs or LA’S NASA space universe.

HALLELUJAH! are an Italian punk noise quartet born in June 2014. They come from North Eastern Italy. In 2015 they released their self-titled LP on Depression House Records and in 2016. They made a split 7″ with Holiday Inn for the label Maple Death.

Inutili continue their evolution into song by starting the A side with “Mice“, a fast and furious song with the repeating chorus “Mice“, makes me think of Oneida. From there they go into a more stretched out bluesy number that features some sick streaked out guitar action. The side ends with “Down to Hell“, which is more like an angry and aggressive version of Parson sound.

Lorenzo Mazzaufo from the band Ban-Off has joined Inutili. He plays drums on song one and bass on songs two and three.
Inutili have released 4 full length albums and a 7″. Elves, Red Sprites and Blue Jets came out in 2016, Unforgettable lost and Unreleased and Music to watch the Clouds on a Sunny Day in 2014 and Satori / Useless Asshole 12″ on the cult label Goodbye Boozy in 2013.

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Formats : 10″/mp3
Catalog Number : AGO098
Barcode : 758576207452
Release Date : July 7 2017

1. Mice
2. Here comes the horizon
3. Down to Hell

4. We don’t play in a U.S.A. Band
5. Small Tits
6. Burka for Everyone
7. Spanish Dream

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