New Sex Society

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Inutili from Teramo, Italy has been in constant progression over the last 7 years. Their latest move is the addition of saxophone player Luca Di Giammarco. His playing is smooth and soulful at times and aggressive as a hungry alligator when the band goes fast and hard.

As a new addition to the band he plays on two of the songs, they each clock in at just under 20 minutes. Luca’s has a few solo parts, they make me think of “a love supreme”. Suddenly though the floor drops out and the band is on a tear, madness, songs within songs.

The band’s sixth album “New Sex Society” also has some long-form pop songs, “Singing Dogs” clocks in at 4:05, “Space Time Bubble” at 8: 39.

New Sex Society” is available in CD in its entire version including 7 tracks and in LP including the 3 first tracks of the CD version.

A Metadata

Formats : CD/LP/mp3
Catalog Number : AGO119/120
Barcode CD : 719104524885
Barcode LP :025093829222
Release Date : September 20 2019

Tracklisting CD
1. Rooms
2. Seeds (Japanese)
3. Space Time Bubble
4. Star Whores
5. Tiny Body
6. Singing Dogs
7. Too Late

Tracklisting LP
1. Rooms
2. Seeds (Japanese)
3. Space Time Bubble

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CD : $10.00 + Shipping costs
LP : $12.00 + Shipping costs
Immediate Download : $6.99

A EU and UK orders ship from Italy.

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