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BAu is a Teramo, Italy-based rock band that formed in the midst of the Covid pandemic in 2020. Their EP ”Indifferentemente” was made in the most DIY fashion and it will be released July 7, 2023 via New Jersey label Aagoo Records.

Danilo di Francesco, the band’s originator explains that all members (Stefano Galassi on drums, Gianluca “Mastino” Rosato on guitar, Eugenio “Barabba” Barracchini on vocals and himself on guitar), come from quite similar previous musical experiences making the formation of the band quick and simple.

In the middle of August 2021, they borrowed some microphones and in a couple of days, recorded all the material they had worked on up to that moment. Some of this material ended up being released on a cassette tape by Goodbye Boozy Records. Those tracks, as well as a few more, are now available on vinyl under the title “Indifferentemente”.

A Metadata

Formats : 10″/mp3
Catalog Number : AGO136
Barcode : 703674045604
Release Date : July 7 2023

1. Cubicle Life
2. Self Cannibal
3. Merci
4. So High
5. It’s Hunting
6. Cancer
7. Grow & Glow
8. A Loss
9. Rabid Dog
10. John Montagu IV
11. Mondo Queer

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10″ : $12.00 + Shipping costs
Immediate Download : $5.99

A EU and UK orders ship from Italy.

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